Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Windy Hour with a CAO Criollo

Wow, Tis' been awhile since my last post. But it's warming up again and I was due for a front porch smoke! This time I chose a CAO Criollo (pronounced cree-yo-yo, which I think is cool!) from my humidor. The winds were picking up and I was hoping for some rain, but never got it. The criollo did, however, provide a pretty good smoke. Medium bodied with some good taste and smell throughout. The end of the cigar was probably my favorite. I ended up exhaling much more through my nose, as it was a pretty sweet smoke at that point. Very enjoyable! Having eaten Casa Brava and some chocolate beforehand, I can't really pick out any specific tastes. If I tried to hot box it, it got bitter in a hurry, so I allowed some time between puffs. Doing that just makes it a longer and more enjoyable smoke, for me at least! That's about all I got to say as it is again a work night. I love awaking at 4 AM during the week! Goodnight Blogger World...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

45 minutes with a Hoyo De Monterrey - Excalibur 1066

Just finished enjoying a good smoke. I really didn't get a lot of flavor out of this cigar, but I wasn't really tasting heavy either. It was, however, a decent smoke for around $5 I believe. Some warm weather is coming our way, so I hope to be smoking some more cigars from my humidor in the coming months. More to come soon!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1 Hour with a Cusano Maduro

Now that my humidor is stocked full of CAO's, I thought it would be nice night to have a smoke. It's nice and relaxing to sit on the porch and smoke. Not often do I get to enjoy one on a work night! Started off pretty spicy, and then went pretty smooth. Not too shabby! Now it's off to sleep before the 4:00 AM buzzer gets my day going in the morning.

Friday, March 28, 2008


The first excitement of my Friday evening! Knock knock, two Mormon's at the door. It usually happens about once a year. They stop by, see me in my church shirt, and start telling me about Jesus. It makes me happy when they look and see me in the church shirt. Sure it doesn't mean much to most, but to them, they know I already know something. Today, I had on my old Neon Green Youth Rally shirt from Northside Church of Christ (Jeffersonville, IN). They first thought I attended there, nope, to long of drive. Anywho, after 10 minutes of chatting in the cold, I told them I would review their pamphlet, pray that what they said is True, and then let them know how it went Monday at 5 pm. Have you had any experiences with the Mormons?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Hello folks, welcome to my blog. Not sure how much I will post here, but it's here. Why not eh? If you have anything you want me blog about, let me know. Also, the reason this is sorta here, is because I have the domain. You can view my Homepage Here. The website is also lacking of content. Not sure what to do with it either. More to come, soon?